Chapter 11

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Please keep these annotations SPOILER-FREE by not revealing information from later pages in the novel.

Page numbers refer to editions with 369 pages, where the story begins on page 1. Not sure if there are other editions with variant pagination. Please let us know otherwise.

Page 166

Brylcreem is a hair styling oil/gel for men that was very popular. It gives hair a wet, oily look.

on the natch
"natch" is short for "natural" and "on the natch," in this context, means sober. On pg. 273, the perennially sober Bigfoot is described as a "literal-minded natch-meister."

Page 168

Leuzinger High
A real high school, in Lawndale, California, which - particularly in the story's time period - was a relatively undesirable and low-priced city in the LA area.

Page 171

Japonica Fenway
"Japonica" is just a Latinization of "Japanese," but it is most commonly used in formal Latin plant names. There are a wide variety of "____ Japonica" plants, such as the Camellia Japonica. While it's not really possible to make any universal statement about such widely varied species, they tend to be ornamental and hardy.

Crocker Fenway
It is possible the first name is inspired by the character "Crocker Jarmon" from the movie The Candidate (1972). The character in the movie is an establishment, incumbent GOP Senator from California.

The first names of both characters may also refer to Crocker National Bank, which historically was a conservative, Republican institution. 1936 Time Magazine reference, 1986 Article.

Page 172

Governor Reagan
Ronald Reagan was governor of California from 1967 to 1975.

Page 175

1960 Mercedes-Benz W128 Sedan, image from Wikipedia

Mercedes sedan
ten-year-old Mercedes sedan with a roof panel

Page 176

outdoor concerts where thousands . . . public self
A good description of Woodstock, which had just taken place the previous year.

each person was listening in solitude, confinement and mutual silence
Perhaps a foreshadowing of the iPod generation?

Here, "head" refers to drugs, as in "head shop".

Page 181

'64 Dodge Dart

1964 Dodge Dart Sedan, photo by Scheinwerfermann

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