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34: "Sidney Omarr" should be "Sydney Omarr"

54: "Woolridge" should be "Wooldridge"

It appears as "Woolridge" here, and in numerous other sources (including an historical note on TRW's own website), and as "Wooldridge" on Wikipedia and in some other places. This photograph of a magazine ad from 1958 or '59 establishes that the real name was "Wooldridge" (read the text, not the caption). In addition, the New York Times obituary of the company's co-founder reads "Wooldridge."

91: "Thomas Arnould" should be "Joseph Arnould"

While there is an historical figure named Thomas Arnold, the context indicates that the intended reference is someone who was a commentator on marine insurance, which is exactly what Joseph Arnould was. He published a book on that subject in 1848.

105: "he can't understood why"

101:"Everybody in Wavos including the Saint proceeded to cackle"; the Saint left Wavos on page 100; he shouldn't be included.

200: "anydody" should be "anybody"

210: "deperate" should be "desperate"

221: Line 5 "has" should be "was".

228: "litle" should be "little"

353 : A Summer Place [1959] should be (1959)

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