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Jackson, George (1941-1971)
American criminal, who became a communist and a member of the Black Panther Party while in prison, where he spent the last 12 years of his life. While at San Quentin State Prison in 1966, he founded the Black Guerrilla Family, a Marxist prison group with political objectives; and Tariq Khalil, 16

20; works at Chick Planet massage parlor in Channel View Estates; 76; at Boards mansion, 130; aka Ashley, who went to Fairfax High, 135; becomes lovers with Bambi at Sybil Brand Institute, 136-37; 340

Jagger, Mick

See Fenway, Japonica

"Java Jive"
365; 1940 hit for the Ink Spots

Jefferson, Thomas
294; plastic image of, in Plastic Nickel

33; St. Flip's "surfing consultant", 99

228; polygon

Job 28:18
276; This Bible passage reads "No mention shall be made of coral or of crystal: Yea, the price of wisdom is above rubies."

Jobim, Antonio Carlos

Johnny and the Hurricanes
124; "Bam Boo" ("Bamboo" is a misspelling) appeared on their 1960 release "Red River Rock" - rock and roll band that began as The Orbits in Toledo, Ohio in 1957, led by Johnny Paris (1940-2006) [1]

Jolly Rancher

Judson, Fatso
26; friend of Bjornsen

Juicy James
297; hot dog stand Doc and Shasta used to frequent

125; Beverly Hills caterer/restaurant

Inherent Vice Alpha Guide
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