Sauncho Smilax

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Sauncho Smilax

Sauncho: variant of Sancho (Latin), meaning Saint, Sanctified, Sincere, Truthful.

All species of Smilax are climbing vines with sharp spiny thorns, forming dense impenetrable, invasive thickets. Common names include catbriers, greenbriers, prickly-ivys, sarsaparilla and smilaxes. The word Smilax derives from the Greek, for "bindweed." Smilax is very resistant to eradication.

From Greek mythology the nymph Smilax was slighted by the boy Krokos and transformed into the vine. Another version states that the gods having pity on the grief-stricken boy Krokos who witnessed the death of his lover, the nymph Smilax, changed him into a flower—the saffron crocus and Smilax into the bindweed, forever entwining the two.

Coincidentally, there is a Smilax Street in Los Angeles.

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