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Haggard, Merle

Hairy Rope Home Security of Tarzana
199; Doc posing as a rep of

Halibuts, The
37; surf band (there was a South Bay LA surf band called The Halibuts in the early 1980s - anachronism?)

Hancock Park
3; Mickey renting a place for Shasta in, 151;

Happy and Dopey

Hardy, Gridley, & Chatfield
26; firm where Doc's attorney is employed

Harlingen, Amethyst
38; daughter of Coy and Hope

Harlingen, Coy
36; Hope's possibly deceased husband; alive, 85; police snitch, 122; at Nixon rally, 122 (aka Chucky, aka Rick Doppel); 129; at O Cangaceiro Brazilian bar, playing sax, 160; "kneeling figure in robes" at Chryskylodon, 190; "not only used multiple aka's, he also had a number of offices running him" 210; spotted at the Lighthouse by Scott Oof, 297; at the Lighthouse, 298; passing notes to a state legislator in an LAX toilet stall (Think: Larry Craig, former senator from Idaho, arrested for homosexual lewd conduct in the men's restroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in 2007), 301; snitch for LAPD, 308

Harlingen, Hope
35; junky blond and wife of Coy

Harrison, George
166; imposter hijacking Goodyear Blimp

Haywood, Motella
71; stewardess on Kahuna Airlines and one of Doc's "partners in mischief";

179; "sputry" at the guard gate at mansion where Doc drops off Dr. Blatnoyd

"Help Me, Rhonda"
March 1965 single from the Beach Boys' album The Beach Boys Today!, and the first on which Al Jardine sang lead vocal; playing at Gotcha!, 364

He Ran All the Way (1951)
254; a 1951 crime drama, considered a film noir, starring John Garfield and Shelley Winters. The film was Garfield's last. During the film's initial run, director John Berry and writers Dalton Trumbo and Hugo Butler were uncredited due to blacklisting during the Red Scare. The film's plot of a family held in their home by a killer on the lam.

Hendrix, Jimi

Hepworth, Shasta Fay
26; missing, 34; postcard to Doc from "some island" in the Pacific, 163; orderly with her image on a Wolfmann tie, at Chryskylodon, 190; staying at Flip's place, 257; and Vigilant California, 302; her story, 306; meets Coy the first time, 312

"Here Come the Hodads"
134; by the Marketts

"hillbilly act of the 1940s"
125: Frank "Cicero" Weaver (Hillbilly) vocals/comedy, b. Ozark, MO, USA. Frank was one-third of "The Weaver Bros. & Elviry", a Hillbilly act that parlayed their 'Grand Ole Opry' show success into a lucrative contract with Republic Pictures. One third of the act was Frank Weaver as "Cicero" ( b, 2 February 1891, Ozark,Missouri, USA, d. 29 October 1967, Ventura County, California, USA.) his brother Leon Abner Weaver, as "Abner" who played the "Saw" (b. 12 August 1882, Ozark, Missouri, USA, d. 27 May 1950, Los Angeles, California, USA. heart attack), sister-in-law June Weaver as "Elviry", and niece Loretta Weaver as the ingénue, "Violey".

207; "wide-screen revelations" hippies have, according to Bigfoot


Ho Chi Minh

Hoffman, Abby

125; Great Wave off Kanagawa 3-D reproduction in fiberglass

Hollywood blacklist

Hollywood Saxons, The
125; late 50s/early 60x Rhythm & Blues band in Los Angeles.
In late 1958, they hooked up with producer George Motola, owner of the Contender label They recorded on Danny Coggins' Elf label. More about the Hollywood Saxons

Holmes, Sherlock

Hoover, J. Edgar
72; 318

Howe, James "Jimmy" Wong (1899-1976)
58; born Wong Tung Jim in Taishan, Canton Province, China, Howe is considered one of the greatest American cinematographers. He has over 130 films to his credit. A master at the use of shadow, he was one of the first to use deep-focus cinematography, photography in which both foreground and distant planes remain in focus. 254

43; drummer in Beer

Huevoncito, El
290; snitch in prison with Tariq Khalil and Glen Charlock; "mysteriously deceased" 292

Hughes, Howard (1905-1976)
An American aviator, industrialist, film producer and director, philanthropist, and one of the wealthiest people in the world. Hughes arrived in Las Vegas in 1966 and moved into the Desert Inn. Because he refused to leave the hotel and in order to avoid further conflicts with the owners of the hotel, Hughes bought the Desert Inn in early 1967; Hughes Company, 50; bought the Desert Inn, 240; "Aryan to the bone" 248; 253

264; Heroin Users Liberation Kollective, lobbying for junkies in the state capital of Sacramento

Inherent Vice Alpha Guide
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