Qiana is a silky nylon fiber first developed by DuPont in 1968. Initially intended for high-end fashions, it became a popular material in the 1970s for faux-silk, men's shirts, displaying bold patterns. The shirts were generally cut tight and included wide collars to fit over the collars of the double-knit suit coats which were worn popularly to discos; 237

quadrille paper
62; Pynchon is known to frequently, if not always, write his correspondence on quadrille paper. The known examples that have floated into view have all been written on this paper, either green or yellow.

Quight, Delwyn
219; antiques dealer in Las Vegas, from whom Puck and Einar rented a flat upstairs; 263

Quonset hut
181; Prefabricated metal building with a semicircular cross section. Wikipedia

Inherent Vice Alpha Guide
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